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Impacts of TV on Kids

impact of tv on kids

Television is spotted the corner of the house head and it is the right now the most well-known broad communications. TV, particularly cartoon, is an extremely critical part for youngsters’ formative stages. The youngsters begin to sit in front of the TV at exceptionally adolescent ages, so TV has a ton of negative and positive impact on kids.

The beneficial outcome of TV, that TV can be an effective and viable learning apparatus for kids if utilized carefully. A few projects on TV are
valuable for youngsters. For instance, Sesame Street called the kids’ project enhances youngster’s terms of instruction and preparing. There are mixed exercises to show letters and numbers in the system. Such projects instruct tyke to impart and guidelines of social life and has a peculiarity that uncovers capacities and abilities of kids.Other than the beneficial outcomes of TV on kids, there are negative impacts as well. For the most part, youngsters watch cartoon on TV, so they are influenced from kid’s shows characters. To such an extent, after them viewing kid’s shows, they place themselves in rather than cartoons characters.

The kid’s shows that contain fight and violence element tend to impact kids profoundly. If you look around in your circle, you will see manyimpact of tv on kids kids under the influence in fact craze of Pokémon cartoon series. The youngsters stare at the TV exorbitantly; they start imagining their lives like cartoons and its characters. Therefore the kid gets to be weaker in social connections with his family and age fellows.Thus, the families ought to shield their kids from negative impact of TV. The families ought not to see TV as an instrument of preoccupation for kids so as opposed to staring at the TV, they can make assortment exercises to invest time with youngsters. The families ought to farthest point their youngsters TV review time. Their physical activities have reduced over the time and they prefer to say” lets watch TV instead of going out”. Such activities of kids must be discouraged at very initial stages.

Advertising agencies in Pakistan


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High Ranking TV Show of Pakistan in 2014

Political Comedy shows of Pakistan entertaining the audience

Apart from the dramas, our entertainment industry is also producing some high level tv shows as well. The variety is huge and keeping in top shows of pakistan 2014 mind the situation prevailing in Pakistan regarding instability and chaos overall, the audience needs something different to be served every day. In order to provide some relief in the shape of entertainment, the entertainment industry came up with different TV shows ideas that are now very popular. Yes, one can tag them with entertainment with lesson theme easily.

Among some of the high ranking TV shows of Pakistan, Khabarnaak, Hasb-e-Haal, Mazaq Raat, Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain and BNN are on the front seat in TRP. These shows are delivering the same information being shared on news channels all day long but in an entertaining manner. The target audience of such

TV shows is a common man and it is made sure that they are addressed frequently throughout. The information is spiced up with the pinch of entertainment and humor so that it doesn’t dissatisfies the audience about the country’s situation.

top shows of pakistan 2014 Hasb-e-Haal is all time favorite show broadcasted on Dunya News. It enjoys the highest TRP among all other TV shows of Pakistan. With a comic character of a renowned personality of stage dramas Sohail Ahmed as Azizi and co-hosts including Najia Baig and Junaid Saleem. In the early years of this show, Aftab Iqbal led the show instead of Junaid Saleem.\

With different segments of this show,the show shares great information in a comic way through segments like Baitbaazi, Hasb-e-Mazzi, Khabron par Tabsara, Mukhbariyan, Off-beat,Tu tu main main and many others. The show is a voice of a common man through Azizi’s character in lead.

TV Show “Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain” is written by a popular comic writer Dr.Younus Butt who has been a writer of humorous dramas in thetop shows of pakistan 2014 past. The show carries several segments News Fuse, B-ads, Side News, Bachay Ghair Siyasi Hoty Hain and Boiling Point.

The show was hosted by Saba Qamar ,Mathira, Mehwish Hayat and Veena Malik previously but now Lollywood’s actress Noor is doing an amazing job. Mimicry of politicians, actors and daily routine scenes is the spice of this popular tv show aired on Geo Network.


PicZahra is a passion fueled writer with a degree in Media and a DIY lover and book lover as well .Loud and opinionated traits are aspired by her passion for reading and writing with a belief that every word counts.

HUM TV vs. ARY DIGITAL- who entertained better?

HUM TV VS ARYHUM & ARY are considered to be the pioneers of the Pakistani Drama Industry. Coming up with new ideas for the dramas to entertain the audience makes them standout in the crowd. With creative skills and scripts running in the back, the star casts of these two channels makes the drama popular in its time.

Last year when HUM came up with Humsafar- a major hit of drama industry and Durr-e-Shawar as well, HUM raised its mark and didn’t come up with more hits for a certain period. Soon, they entertained the audience with Bunty, I love you, Rubaru, Main Dewani, Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara and many more. These dramas were not hit like Humsafar but carried one-time watch factor. Dramas aired on HUM are mostly written by Umera Ahmed but every writing piece is not a hit like Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara.

The critics made it clear that the lead cast did not get enough time to be on screen as compared to the supporting characters. On other hand, Bunty I love you had different yet serious love story with an experienced cast consisting of Saba Qamar, Noman Habib and Abid Ali.

On other hand, ARY came up with hit dramas in the last year including Pyare Afzal, Meri Beti, Zara Aur Mehrunisa and Shukk. Pyare Afzal and Shukk took the lead in TRP’s listing. Shukk couldn’t stick the audience for a longer time but Pyare Afzal became a memorable drama from ARY Digital. The script was different that gave a new direction to the drama industry of Pakistan. With no link with daily marriage problems, the script and the cast was an entertainment breeze to the audience. With pyare afzal, ARY surely won the race against HUM.

Recently, HUM came up with new storylines like Mausam, Laa, Do Saal Ki Aurat and Muhabbat Ub Nahi Hogi but these plays gained the attention for a limited time period. With weak and usual story, there was no massive viewership of these dramas. Few of them became popular overnight but soon joined the flop league.

HUM surely has to come up with new hits and better storylines against ARY to lead the race in this year.


PicZahra is a passion fueled writer with a degree in Media and a DIY lover and book lover as well .Loud and opinionated traits are aspired by her passion for reading and writing with a belief that every word counts.

Why PTV drama “kis se kahon” prevail

Kis se Kahon – PTV drama becomes a jaw dropper

The drama industry is being led by private channels mostly today. In this scenario, PTV launched a drama “Kis se Kahoon “that becomesKIS SE KAHOON PTV DRAMA favorite of many people. What is so different and out of the box in this drama? Well, the story is different and yes, unpredictable as well. The lead actress Sajal Ali in a character of Hadiqa and her parents Mohsin Gillani and Seemi Raheel in their characters of Mr and Mrs Qureshi along with her grandmother Samina Ijaz are strong actors that make this drama a hit. The story does not carry any marriage scenarios already prevailing too much in our drama industry. The story is well written and to the point. There are no dragged scenes that end up losing interest of the audience. The story moves in a right pitch and hits the audience with an impact.

With a full control over production and direction along with story, the drama is an example of finesse. One cannot find the errors and weak points KIS SE KAHOON PTV DRAMAin the drama and its story. Writer Shahid Nadeem has full grip over the topic of drama. The issues faced by newcomers in schools, the bullying activities and jock culture are professionally shared throughout the story. For example, the character of Salma who is maid led by Yumna Zaidi is a source of depression in the drama but her scenes are not stretched like bubblegum to gain audience’s attention. The directors, cast, and production in fact the complete team of “Kis Se Kahon” did all their homework before presenting it to the audience. With few some beautiful shots of games and school activities, the camera work is appraisable!

The on screen chemistry in the drama will be lighted by the Agha Ali and Sajal along with Essa Chaudry and Yumna Zaidi. The costume designer is Arfa who has given every character a unique look. Like Sajal’s wardrobe consists of printed skirts with scarves and chic tops with jeans- all this makes her look top-notch!


PicZahra is a passion fueled writer with a degree in Media and a DIY lover and book lover as well .Loud and opinionated traits are aspired by her passion for reading and writing with a belief that every word counts.

Do our dramas represent our culture?

One cannot sit with his family to watch a drama being on aired on Paksitani Drama Channels including Geo Entertainemnt, Geo Kahani, HUM or ARY Digital. We all grew up watching family dramas on PTV at 8pm everyday when we not only enjoyed but also learnt from the content being delivered.

Looking at our dramas content these days, our storylines are not as inspiring as they were before. One can easily comment that our dramas industry is a source of contradiction between our cultural and social values.  If you take an example of few dramas being on aired, the storyline has discussion related to pregnancies to abortions to illegitimate Childs and divorces. With absurd content being on aired, the element of respect and culture has started to vanish away in the name of “booming Pakistani Drama Industry”.

With separate drama channels in Pakistan , one cannot ignore the power of television and its effects on the Pakistani Audience. On one hand where Free Media is a imagined to be a source of information, education and awareness on every matter of life , the content being broadcasted is somehow damaging the roots of our culture and society more badly than we can imagine.

Taking an example of women representation in Pakistani Dramas and role of a woman in our Paksitani society where she is a mother, sister, daughter and a teacher in common lives. The dramas are sending gender sensitive messages related to women by showing them as a piece of attraction in the whole story. In few stories , women characters are potrayed as strong personalities and independent humanbeings but on the other hand, few dramas show them as an object to be beaten, humiliated , abused and even lower status in society.

In a society like ours where there is a huge need of development from grass root level, it is important that we pay attention to the content on our drama channels. Rather than focusing on depressing storylines, why not come up with strong characters through which we do not lose our identities as cultured society. We all carry bits of Pakistani Culture in our minds and personalities because we grew up watching PTV dramas but what about the younger generation who is watching such content?


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What is the idea behind game shows?

game-show-copyThe two widely popular game shows trending the entertainment industry of Pakistan are Jeeto Pakistan Jeeto on ARY Digital or Inaam Ghar on Geo Entertainment. Both of the shows are being hosted by well renowned personalities of the entertainment industry. Yes, Fahad Mustafa and Amir Liaqat.

Amir Liaqat’s InaamGhar was introduced on Geo Entertainment before ARY Digital came up with their own gaming show with Fahad Mustafa. No doubt, Fahad Mustafa excels in better looks since he has an actor with a large fan following ever since his morning show on Hum TV than Amir Liaqat who only did religious shows on Geo.

In 90’s era, the Pakistani Game Shows aired on PTV and STN were Tariq Aziz Show, Kasauti and Neelam Ghar. People remember these entertainment shows even after decades. We all remember growing up watching All Rounders hosted by Tauseeq Haider. After such gaming shows, there was a long tenure of silence where no gaming shows were produced. Now in past few years, the Entertainment Industry has shifted into game shows production as well. Game shows like Price is Right hosted by Mohib Mirza and late Moin Khan’s show Kya Aap Crorepati Banna Chahte hain on ARY was unable to gain popularity as much as the previous shows gatehered. On other side, the Indian Entertainment Industry was at a high standard that is why our gaming shows short-lived before.

Here, a question is what elements altogether make a game show successful? Well, charismatic hosts like Fahad Mustafa with interactive format with engaging segments along with a facility for viewers watching at home to participate in the gaming shows.  With good sponsors of the gaming show, there will be good gift items to attract viewers.

Over the years, the gaming shows have been the source of great enthusiasm since these shows spend a lot of money on releasing teasers on their channels to gain audience attention. With national and international level hosts like Fahad Mustafa who are heartthrob of the nation. The unique content, being on-aired, lives up to the expectations of the audience and viewers all across the country.   We hope that gaming shows of Pakistan always present marvelous performance through their programs and become a reason for interest by people of all ages.


PicZahra is a passion fueled writer with a degree in Media and a DIY lover and book lover as well .Loud and opinionated traits are aspired by her passion for reading and writing with a belief that every word counts.

Scope of Advertisement in TV Dramas

scope-of-advertidsementAdvertisement breaks are a part of TV programs. Advertising in the middle of  a popular programs is imagined to be much beneficial.  The advertisement break is a way to promote products and services of a company. Advertising between a tv drama or a program is better since many people might not be interested in seeing your product advertisement.

When an advertisement is to run on any channel, the company choses a time slot for the advertisement along with frequency (number of times it will be broadcasted in the chosen time slot) via advertising agencies in Pakistan. For example, the budget of airing a commercial between at prime time (8-9 pm) is going to cost more than any other time slot of the day.  The overall idea of placing advertisement in between commercial breaks of any program is for the interest of the people who are currently watching it. The commercial breaks need to be time consuming and maintain the level of interest of the program as well.

Television viewers cannot be forced to watch advertisements, they in some cases change to other channel simply because they don’t like a commercials break that is running. Advertisers need to understand the reason for such behavior in order to find a lasting solution to it, since a lot of money is being spent to advertise on television.

On the other hand, too many breaks can impose an unnatural rhythm on drama scripts but they can also be a positive thing for drama, helping build tension, providing natural pauses for thought, and giving it ebbs and flows. The scope of advertisement in TV dramas works side by side in the favor of both channel and advertisement.  Taking an example of TUC biscuits by LU and Aquafina Water by PepsiCo, they advertised with their Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan’s commercial several times during their hit dramas of the actor including Zindagi Gulzar hai , Num,Ashk and Humsafar. Moreover, the hit actors of current time like Fawad Khan are signed for advertisements including Samsung Galaxy, Olpers, Clear by Unilever, Pepsi, Mobilink, Servis Shoes, Q Mobile,Tarang by Engro Foods, Fair & Lovely, LUX and Telenor.

Such Celebrity Endorsements in the advertisements during breaks makes the audience fuzzy with their fever!


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Difference between Television and billboard advertisements

television-copyThe debate about the effect of television and billboard advertisement is a long one! One cannot define one category as more influential mode of advertisement. Both ways are important part of the advertising industry. If radio and tv advertisements are the old strategies of marketing then web, illuminating signs and other such items are the new trendsetters.

The billboard advertising has been part of this industry since a very long time period. A brand cannot rely on the billboard advertisement solely for the marketing of the product or service. It was a popular medium but not anymore. The customer demands have changed and buying habits have evolved as well. Everyday a new technology hits the market, making the marketing industry more advanced. Innovation is not the same like yesterday. But on the other side, such mediums have not been encumbered. Despite being an old medium of tradition, the billboards occupy the spaces all across the city and attract a lot of attention from the people passing by. The corporate sector is spending a lot of money on the billboard advertisement. In any case what pulls in consideration is the size as well as other configuration components, for example, color, message, pictures and ordinarily even white space.

Each one of the modes of advertising has their own particular novel set of properties and difficulties and working on a solitary stage for all such mediums is purposeless. With a tough competition in the market, the customization in every advertisement and creativity is the basic need. An eccentric, keen and enrapturing visual is an essential need in every type of billboard immediately took after by a couple of words. Spectators, walkers and individuals driving aren’t going to have sufficient energy to stop and read. Thus, the message must be passed on at one look or lesser. Thusly, the test to make a keen message is a great deal more in billboard advertisement than promoting on other media like TV or web.

Television advertising is a more focused mode of advertising since it conveys a more illustrated message and the viewers are not versatile. On the other hand, the sheer number of channels today and the different times channels have increased. The achievement of a TV advertisement lies in its innovation and potential to rapidly get attention of the viewers.

Deciding the right promoting medium is a tricky decision to make. No matter which mode is used for the advertisement, the achievement lies in choice of people, ideas and delivery.


PicZahra is a passion fueled writer with a degree in Media and a DIY lover and book lover as well .Loud and opinionated traits are aspired by her passion for reading and writing with a belief that every word counts.

High Ranking Dramas and Shows on Geo Kahani

Geo-Kahani-copyGeo Kahani, another channel by Geo TV , was launched on 16 May 2013  as a replacement to Aag TV. The channel broadcasts foreign dubbed dramas along with local dramas. If we talk about the High Ranking Dramas aired on Geo Kahani, “Mera Sultan” and “Jodha Akbar” take their position on first rank. Both of the shows were aired on the prime time on Geo Kahani . Jodha Akbar enjoys audience’s attention from Monday to Thursday from 8-9 pm and Mera Sultan became favorite at 9-10 pm from Monday to Thursday.

Mera Sultan is one of Turkish Dramas aired on the local channels of Pakistan. Among very few dramas, Mera Sultan joined the league of hit dramas that received tremendous applause by the audience. The overall cost of airing a dubbed drama is comparatively low and the response from Pakistani society. Mera Sultan is a soap that has total 4 seasons and the 4th one is in the production pipeline.

The whole story is based upon the Ottoman Empire and thus gained popularity in various Muslim Countries like Pakistan. The lead cast of the drama includes Suleiman- king and his beautiful wife Hurrem. With certain twists in the drama, the story revolves around Hurrem who wants to be a mother of Suleiman’s child so that she can be Sultana of Ottoman court. With lots of hardships faced by Hurrem, in the end she becomes mother of 5 kids. The twist in every drama is not possible without a negative character in scene. In Mera Sultan, the negative role is led by first wife of Sultan i.e. Mahidevran who is a biggest enemy of Hurrem who enjoys being favorite of Sultan. The overall story of drama is interesting and entertaining and the dubbing is also good as compared to the other Turkish Dramas being on aired on Pakistani TV Channels.

The overall production of this drama is outstanding and makes it different from the local soap industry of Pakistan. With lavish sets and beautiful shots and dresses worn by the cast make it all spectacular. One of the main reasons of the popularity of such dramas is because it carries the affection of “common” traditions and background of Islam.


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High Ranking dramas and Shows on Geo TV

Geo-TV-copyThe entertainment industry of Pakistan has been booming ever since the privatization of tv channels. The high ranking of dramas and shows on Geo TV are totally dependent upon the quality being broadcasted. If the audience’s eyes are glued to the screen and they wait impatiently all week long for your drama , then no doubt you are broadcasting some high ranking shows and dramas on your channel. With so many entertainment channels being aired, our entertainment industry has also produced some crappy and as well as some good stuff. Industry is growing with full brilliance and is more likely to entertain a lot more than today.

Let’s identify few high ranking dramas and shows on Geo Tv. In the 3 entertainment providers in Pakistani Channels, Geo Entertainment takes the lead in scoring good TRPs with number of good plays.

Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan is one of the best dramas aired on Geo Entertainment. The well knitted story was written by  none other than Umera Ahmed ,produced by Humayun Saeed and directed by Babar Javed.The drama gained immense popularity from the very first episode with the heart touching song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. It was one of the very few dramas in the Pakistani Entertainment Industry that emptied the roads and public areas on its episode timings. Also, this drama touched the TRP of 10 i.e. maximum ratings in drama and shows.

Uraan- another hit drama by Geo Entertainment ,written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Yasir Nawaz. The lead cast included Humayun Saeed ,Aamina Sheikh, Zhalay Sarhadi and Saba Qamar. The drama touched the TRP of 8.2 in a very short time period and was popular for its direction and story line.

Last but not the least, Bashar-e-Momin is one of the expensive dramas of Geo TV that also got banned from PEMRA. With proper marketing of the drama and the drama is expected to be another hit by Geo TV after the ban will be lifted. The serial is written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama.

All these dramas are considered to be a source of branding of Geo Entertainment.


PicZahra is a passion fueled writer with a degree in Media and a DIY lover and book lover as well .Loud and opinionated traits are aspired by her passion for reading and writing with a belief that every word counts.