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Do our dramas represent our culture?

One cannot sit with his family to watch a drama being on aired on Paksitani Drama Channels including Geo Entertainemnt, Geo Kahani, HUM or ARY Digital. We all grew up watching family dramas on PTV at 8pm everyday when we not only enjoyed but also learnt from the content being delivered.

Looking at our dramas content these days, our storylines are not as inspiring as they were before. One can easily comment that our dramas industry is a source of contradiction between our cultural and social values.  If you take an example of few dramas being on aired, the storyline has discussion related to pregnancies to abortions to illegitimate Childs and divorces. With absurd content being on aired, the element of respect and culture has started to vanish away in the name of “booming Pakistani Drama Industry”.

With separate drama channels in Pakistan , one cannot ignore the power of television and its effects on the Pakistani Audience. On one hand where Free Media is a imagined to be a source of information, education and awareness on every matter of life , the content being broadcasted is somehow damaging the roots of our culture and society more badly than we can imagine.

Taking an example of women representation in Pakistani Dramas and role of a woman in our Paksitani society where she is a mother, sister, daughter and a teacher in common lives. The dramas are sending gender sensitive messages related to women by showing them as a piece of attraction in the whole story. In few stories , women characters are potrayed as strong personalities and independent humanbeings but on the other hand, few dramas show them as an object to be beaten, humiliated , abused and even lower status in society.

In a society like ours where there is a huge need of development from grass root level, it is important that we pay attention to the content on our drama channels. Rather than focusing on depressing storylines, why not come up with strong characters through which we do not lose our identities as cultured society. We all carry bits of Pakistani Culture in our minds and personalities because we grew up watching PTV dramas but what about the younger generation who is watching such content?


PicZahra is a passion fueled writer with a degree in Media and a DIY lover and book lover as well .Loud and opinionated traits are aspired by her passion for reading and writing with a belief that every word counts.

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