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HUM TV vs. ARY DIGITAL- who entertained better?

HUM TV VS ARYHUM & ARY are considered to be the pioneers of the Pakistani Drama Industry. Coming up with new ideas for the dramas to entertain the audience makes them standout in the crowd. With creative skills and scripts running in the back, the star casts of these two channels makes the drama popular in its time.

Last year when HUM came up with Humsafar- a major hit of drama industry and Durr-e-Shawar as well, HUM raised its mark and didn’t come up with more hits for a certain period. Soon, they entertained the audience with Bunty, I love you, Rubaru, Main Dewani, Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara and many more. These dramas were not hit like Humsafar but carried one-time watch factor. Dramas aired on HUM are mostly written by Umera Ahmed but every writing piece is not a hit like Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara.

The critics made it clear that the lead cast did not get enough time to be on screen as compared to the supporting characters. On other hand, Bunty I love you had different yet serious love story with an experienced cast consisting of Saba Qamar, Noman Habib and Abid Ali.

On other hand, ARY came up with hit dramas in the last year including Pyare Afzal, Meri Beti, Zara Aur Mehrunisa and Shukk. Pyare Afzal and Shukk took the lead in TRP’s listing. Shukk couldn’t stick the audience for a longer time but Pyare Afzal became a memorable drama from ARY Digital. The script was different that gave a new direction to the drama industry of Pakistan. With no link with daily marriage problems, the script and the cast was an entertainment breeze to the audience. With pyare afzal, ARY surely won the race against HUM.

Recently, HUM came up with new storylines like Mausam, Laa, Do Saal Ki Aurat and Muhabbat Ub Nahi Hogi but these plays gained the attention for a limited time period. With weak and usual story, there was no massive viewership of these dramas. Few of them became popular overnight but soon joined the flop league.

HUM surely has to come up with new hits and better storylines against ARY to lead the race in this year.


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