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The World Cup Fever 2015 changes the advertising trend

world cup 2015

14 countries are going to compete against each other this February-March 2015 for the World Cup 2015.People from all across the world are going to watching every step of these 14 teams . Yes, for Pakistanis, World Cup is a big deal especially when you have a rivalry match coming up on 15 Feb against India.  Cricket world cup 2015 is a worldwide interest.

This year, the World Cup is gripping the advertising industry as well. With new technology in the market, cricket fans are going to engage in new ways. That is why this event is equivalent opportunity for the marketers as cup 2015 advertisment

This season, the savvy advertisers are going to serve up great cricket content for fans. The advertising campaigns are going to be linked with the World Cup theme.  The passionate audience is valuable for marketers. The cricket fans care about everything related to the global event. In short, you do not have to be in sports business to tap into the crazy audience of cricket.  As the event is approaching, all brands are finding better ways to connect with the audience. Such global moments are meant to be connected through every possible medium of media.

Apart from the marketing sponsors, other brands are also gearing up for the big event. From TV advertisements to the billboards and radio commercials and last but not the least, the social media is supporting the event with full enthusiasm. The advertising agencies in Pakistan is coming up with heavy lines inspired the World Cup Craze. Our environments have flooded with World Cup- bleed green theme.  From Fashion industry to the food companies, the excitement is unimaginably infectious with different advertising methods to celebrate nation’s love for the cricket.

We hope that Team Green brings World Cup home this year and we also win match against India ! This is going to be half victory ! Go Team Green!


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Scope of Advertisement in TV Dramas

scope-of-advertidsementAdvertisement breaks are a part of TV programs. Advertising in the middle of  a popular programs is imagined to be much beneficial.  The advertisement break is a way to promote products and services of a company. Advertising between a tv drama or a program is better since many people might not be interested in seeing your product advertisement.

When an advertisement is to run on any channel, the company choses a time slot for the advertisement along with frequency (number of times it will be broadcasted in the chosen time slot) via advertising agencies in Pakistan. For example, the budget of airing a commercial between at prime time (8-9 pm) is going to cost more than any other time slot of the day.  The overall idea of placing advertisement in between commercial breaks of any program is for the interest of the people who are currently watching it. The commercial breaks need to be time consuming and maintain the level of interest of the program as well.

Television viewers cannot be forced to watch advertisements, they in some cases change to other channel simply because they don’t like a commercials break that is running. Advertisers need to understand the reason for such behavior in order to find a lasting solution to it, since a lot of money is being spent to advertise on television.

On the other hand, too many breaks can impose an unnatural rhythm on drama scripts but they can also be a positive thing for drama, helping build tension, providing natural pauses for thought, and giving it ebbs and flows. The scope of advertisement in TV dramas works side by side in the favor of both channel and advertisement.  Taking an example of TUC biscuits by LU and Aquafina Water by PepsiCo, they advertised with their Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan’s commercial several times during their hit dramas of the actor including Zindagi Gulzar hai , Num,Ashk and Humsafar. Moreover, the hit actors of current time like Fawad Khan are signed for advertisements including Samsung Galaxy, Olpers, Clear by Unilever, Pepsi, Mobilink, Servis Shoes, Q Mobile,Tarang by Engro Foods, Fair & Lovely, LUX and Telenor.

Such Celebrity Endorsements in the advertisements during breaks makes the audience fuzzy with their fever!


PicZahra is a passion fueled writer with a degree in Media and a DIY lover and book lover as well .Loud and opinionated traits are aspired by her passion for reading and writing with a belief that every word counts.

Benchmark and standard of advertising in Pakistan

benchmark-copyAdvertising in Pakistan can be considered as a way of plain communication with the people who will consider your service or product as to become a part of their lives. There are no boundaries confined in Advertising agencies of Pakistan. Every company has the power to advertise, depending on their budget limits and requirements. One can opt for billboard advertisement, steamers, TV commercials, telop or print ad in newspapers or magazines or even a flyer sent to potential clients. One cannot restrict the marketing and advertising industry of Pakistan to one type of strategies.

The overall environment of the advertising industry has been reshaped by the multinational leading now with complex and successful control over consumer behavior. The competition has become tough and intense with an increasing value of money being spent on marketing by the companies.  If you look at the history of advertising industry in Pakistan, you will get to know that factors like technology and modern modes of media like social media have expanded the industry’s diameter. No matter how unstable the economic conditions of Pakistan are, the advertisement industry of Pakistan kept progressing. Advertising and marketing field of Pakistan can be considered as successful factor that helps in economic cycle of the country. The sales are generated through it that brings profit and industry ends up expanding with economic growth and better job opportunities for the realm.

The prevailing concept in Pakistan about advertising is that advertising is not a major pillar of the corporate sector. Lack of education and professionalism can be one of the reasons for such beliefs. In real, every company’s growth is directly proportional to the advertisement and marketing success. If the talent and aptitudes are employed in a perfect manner in Pakistan, the commercialism can be stimulated easily. The overall conditions of economy will be benefited from such moves because advertisement industry in Pakistan is a dynamic flag holder that brings challenges every hour that need to be solved in a creative manner.


PicZahra is a passion fueled writer with a degree in Media and a DIY lover and book lover as well .Loud and opinionated traits are aspired by her passion for reading and writing with a belief that every word counts.

Difference between Television and billboard advertisements

television-copyThe debate about the effect of television and billboard advertisement is a long one! One cannot define one category as more influential mode of advertisement. Both ways are important part of the advertising industry. If radio and tv advertisements are the old strategies of marketing then web, illuminating signs and other such items are the new trendsetters.

The billboard advertising has been part of this industry since a very long time period. A brand cannot rely on the billboard advertisement solely for the marketing of the product or service. It was a popular medium but not anymore. The customer demands have changed and buying habits have evolved as well. Everyday a new technology hits the market, making the marketing industry more advanced. Innovation is not the same like yesterday. But on the other side, such mediums have not been encumbered. Despite being an old medium of tradition, the billboards occupy the spaces all across the city and attract a lot of attention from the people passing by. The corporate sector is spending a lot of money on the billboard advertisement. In any case what pulls in consideration is the size as well as other configuration components, for example, color, message, pictures and ordinarily even white space.

Each one of the modes of advertising has their own particular novel set of properties and difficulties and working on a solitary stage for all such mediums is purposeless. With a tough competition in the market, the customization in every advertisement and creativity is the basic need. An eccentric, keen and enrapturing visual is an essential need in every type of billboard immediately took after by a couple of words. Spectators, walkers and individuals driving aren’t going to have sufficient energy to stop and read. Thus, the message must be passed on at one look or lesser. Thusly, the test to make a keen message is a great deal more in billboard advertisement than promoting on other media like TV or web.

Television advertising is a more focused mode of advertising since it conveys a more illustrated message and the viewers are not versatile. On the other hand, the sheer number of channels today and the different times channels have increased. The achievement of a TV advertisement lies in its innovation and potential to rapidly get attention of the viewers.

Deciding the right promoting medium is a tricky decision to make. No matter which mode is used for the advertisement, the achievement lies in choice of people, ideas and delivery.


PicZahra is a passion fueled writer with a degree in Media and a DIY lover and book lover as well .Loud and opinionated traits are aspired by her passion for reading and writing with a belief that every word counts.

What is the Analytical framework Criteria to select ad agency

agercy-copyThe basic criteria to choose an advertising agencies in Pakistan for the marketing and advertising of your product/service are based on few factors .These few factors include:

  • Number of years of experience in the field
  • Services provided by the agency
  • Current customers and many more

Huge companies prefer always choose for the agencies who have extensive staff that not only does work on time but also full control over their abilities and services. Companies do not like to opt for such ad agencies because they are not as beneficial in long term. Small ad agencies have the financial issues curling up inside that is why they are always tackling their own issues rather than focusing on their client’s work. Such behavior is the sign of undependability and unreliability.

A few organizations spend significant time in specific criteria, for example, health campaigns or in documentary making as well. It would be valuable to know whether the advertising agency represents considerable authority in a specific item or it has pros that are well known in the advancement of this specific item.

Publicizing is a capacity of promoting and it meets expectations in the business sector for greater offers of the item. At the point when a firm or establishment chooses to advertise their product/service, it needs to have a framework and an association to actualize it for the accomplishment of the craved targets. The advertising typically relies on upon outside specialists; regularly the advertising agency which creates the ads, chooses the media and masterminds to release them to the audience .This division is in charge of the promotion plan and directs the execution.

The client example depicts a different promoting sub-area of diverse sorts of clients served. For instance, the technical clients require an alternate methodology than the customer. A marble industry may have one office taking care of the needs of development material while the other promoting division for taking care of marble furniture and enrichment pieces.


PicZahra is a passion fueled writer with a degree in Media and a DIY lover and book lover as well .Loud and opinionated traits are aspired by her passion for reading and writing with a belief that every word counts.

Why advertise frequently?

Advertising is such a fascinating field. One can investigate one’s thoughts and concoct any advancement to help one’s image flourish better in the business. Additionally a consistent work on, publicizing shows the brand in such a way, to the point that clients are roused to embrace or purchase it. An advertising campaign is the main path through which we are well known about the display of another brand in the business or about the redesigned peculiarity of a current old brand. Without promoting, it will be an intense assignment for each brand manager to create mindfulness about his item or business among prospects and potential purchasers. Along these lines, it is essential for every single brand holder to ceaselessly publicize his item so that clients are mindful about its peculiarities.

The medium of publicizing assumes a real part while passing on any brand message to the audience. A solid channel of correspondence effectively positions the brand on clients’ brain. TV Advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising, Outdoor Advertising practices and so forth are normal method for brand correspondence actualized by brand managers. Media blend or dispatching an advancement crusade of a brand through numerous channels of publicizing is an effective method for the brand manager to advance its item.

A ceaseless publicizing fight of a brand keeps the brand correspondence in a stream in this manner guaranteeing simple reachability of the brand message .There are numerous brands that offer the same peculiarities or profits. Accordingly, it is again vital for the brand manager to constantly advance his item so clients remember and keep the brand on top of their brain. Rivalry has ended up truly forceful in the business sector particularly with the endless dispatch of brands just about consistently. A powerful promoting campaign is a benefit for a brand holder to pull in his clients’ consideration and sway them to embrace item.

In advertisements, it is hard to re-display a current old brand among the target bunches again and again. On the other hand, the peculiarities or look of a brand can be remodeled whenever. Once the remodel is carried out, it is vital for the brand manager to make his clients mindful about the changed gimmicks or look of brand image.

The best media rates to advertise on TV channels

Not letting your products or services advertise on TV? Well, you are missing a great chance to be in proper competition with your rivals. So now after reading this, if you are looking for some good media rates in your country then one must know the perks of advertising on TV Channels. Some basic principles are to be followed to be a real profit killer for the advertising technique on TV Channels. Gain attention of your client by being prominent in TV channels and make a space in your customer’s grocery trolley! It’s almost a game of few seconds to hold someone’s attention or they are going to change the TV channel they are watching.

It is a common practice and desire of the advertisers, clients in the advertising language, to get best rates for the media campaign on TV channels .This practice is not unique in media industry in other sectors as well, all business communities want to ensure that they are buying the best quality at best price .In case of media marketing industry this term (media buying) has been recognized and established, worldwide because of bulk media buying companies in Pakistan and all across the world.

Through media buying, the advertiser gets stretch of his money and maximum exposure with minimum budget .This is the best proposition and ultimate objective to be achieved from every campaign. On face of it, it doesn’t seems to be an illegitimate business demand, buying at your best, cut downs the cost. Reduction of expenses increases the profits and eventually helps in business growth. This is brighter side of media buying, best buying, best planning and perfect reach to the targeted audience.

But television programming and production is itself a huge industry, which is generally and specifically dependent on advertising revenues. Since there is no such thing as subscription in Pakistan, therefore all the development and boom of programming software is dependent on advertising revenue .which in turn improves or deteriorates the quality of programming and time comes, where the channel’s programming drowned to a level of zero ratings.

As the business is cut throat, so every channel tries to be on the top and perseverance in case of fighting to get maximum eyeballs remains the only way of staying on the top .Channels with deep pockets and proper planning of producing best software gets the due share of viewership.

If we discuss it neutrally without being biased about the media buying companies and remaining unbiased about the TV channels industry. The suggestion for TV channels would be, to remain consistent, about the production of best products for their viewers and do not sell their channel in desperate manner .Otherwise, they will just be an addition to the TV screens and media buyers shall not consider them at all, or if they will do, they will squeeze their rates to the point of no return.

This is like you do your business and I will do mine. Off course a media buying company for the love of God will not be worried about the survival of channel “A” but it will try doing best for its own survival .The media buying company will do its best to retain its clients and provide them best value of their money and returning on investment.

In this article, I have tried to make up a point that it is actually another version of Lamarck theory of evolution. The struggle for the survival and survival of the fittest .This however seems to be very materialistic and capitalistic in its interpretation but it is a crucial fact of business world and same applies to both TV channels and media buying companies

Author: Maqbool Mirza -about author

Advertising during current affairs programs on News channels

images-(1)If you look around in your social circle, you may not find TV viewers who haven’t seen politicians shouting and accusing each other. This is the daily story in most current affair shows as well.

A viewer, sacred individual with eyeballs, the loveliest creature for the program producers, the marketers in the channels, for the channels, for the media planners and for the advertisers as well as source of revenue. The TV viewing for the end consumers of entertainment industry is almost free. You can have grand variety of channels and one can pay a small monthly cable fee to have this luxury of home theatre. The variety of entertainment available in approximately 5 Dollars a month to TV viewers is undoubtedly, unmatched across the globe.
The revenue stream for the channels is only through advertising that it gets from variety of advertisers including public and private sectors. There is no concept of subscription and it is not anticipated at all in the near future.
To have maximum advertising revenues the news channels make sure to design talk shows and execute them in a manner to pull maximum. Interestingly television news channels have become the breeding center for most of the controversies and political rivalries. The more vocal the show is and hotter the debate gets, higher it is shown on viewer ship ratings index .After the reshaping and repositioning of News channel in the second quarter of this year when Geo went through tough times and still not widely visible. The other current affair shows have started getting better rankings on viewership chart.
The media plans are usually designed while keeping in view of target consumers of the product. On the basis of gut feelings and filtered data of people’s meter, generally the targeted consumers is caught” red eyed” watching a program x. We can comment that it is assumed or statistically proven to be known and under such estimation, the program “A” is considered to be watched by maximum numbers of targeted consumers for product “B”.
There was a time and maybe it is still the same situation when an ad of a hair removing cream appears in the most popular current affairs or political talk shows. Without being biased about the political wisdom of our female viewers, watching an ad of hair removing cream in political talk shows gives a deep insight regarding viewer ship habits of Pakistani audience.
We may say that all Pakistani adults, urban and rural, males and females are glued to their screens at 10 pm to watch political bull fighting, which is called, current affairs talk show.

The quality of the content within these talk shows and serenity they provide to the minds of the viewers is not the topic here. The most important element is to ensure who is watching which program .If we think that all males and females from all socioeconomic classes love watching political talk shows then spending money during these shows must be giving best ROI. But if not, then we should reconsider our planning strategy.

Author: Maqbool Mirza -about author