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High Ranking TV Show of Pakistan in 2014

Political Comedy shows of Pakistan entertaining the audience

Apart from the dramas, our entertainment industry is also producing some high level tv shows as well. The variety is huge and keeping in top shows of pakistan 2014 mind the situation prevailing in Pakistan regarding instability and chaos overall, the audience needs something different to be served every day. In order to provide some relief in the shape of entertainment, the entertainment industry came up with different TV shows ideas that are now very popular. Yes, one can tag them with entertainment with lesson theme easily.

Among some of the high ranking TV shows of Pakistan, Khabarnaak, Hasb-e-Haal, Mazaq Raat, Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain and BNN are on the front seat in TRP. These shows are delivering the same information being shared on news channels all day long but in an entertaining manner. The target audience of such

TV shows is a common man and it is made sure that they are addressed frequently throughout. The information is spiced up with the pinch of entertainment and humor so that it doesn’t dissatisfies the audience about the country’s situation.

top shows of pakistan 2014 Hasb-e-Haal is all time favorite show broadcasted on Dunya News. It enjoys the highest TRP among all other TV shows of Pakistan. With a comic character of a renowned personality of stage dramas Sohail Ahmed as Azizi and co-hosts including Najia Baig and Junaid Saleem. In the early years of this show, Aftab Iqbal led the show instead of Junaid Saleem.\

With different segments of this show,the show shares great information in a comic way through segments like Baitbaazi, Hasb-e-Mazzi, Khabron par Tabsara, Mukhbariyan, Off-beat,Tu tu main main and many others. The show is a voice of a common man through Azizi’s character in lead.

TV Show “Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain” is written by a popular comic writer Dr.Younus Butt who has been a writer of humorous dramas in thetop shows of pakistan 2014 past. The show carries several segments News Fuse, B-ads, Side News, Bachay Ghair Siyasi Hoty Hain and Boiling Point.

The show was hosted by Saba Qamar ,Mathira, Mehwish Hayat and Veena Malik previously but now Lollywood’s actress Noor is doing an amazing job. Mimicry of politicians, actors and daily routine scenes is the spice of this popular tv show aired on Geo Network.


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