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What is the idea behind game shows?

game-show-copyThe two widely popular game shows trending the entertainment industry of Pakistan are Jeeto Pakistan Jeeto on ARY Digital or Inaam Ghar on Geo Entertainment. Both of the shows are being hosted by well renowned personalities of the entertainment industry. Yes, Fahad Mustafa and Amir Liaqat.

Amir Liaqat’s InaamGhar was introduced on Geo Entertainment before ARY Digital came up with their own gaming show with Fahad Mustafa. No doubt, Fahad Mustafa excels in better looks since he has an actor with a large fan following ever since his morning show on Hum TV than Amir Liaqat who only did religious shows on Geo.

In 90’s era, the Pakistani Game Shows aired on PTV and STN were Tariq Aziz Show, Kasauti and Neelam Ghar. People remember these entertainment shows even after decades. We all remember growing up watching All Rounders hosted by Tauseeq Haider. After such gaming shows, there was a long tenure of silence where no gaming shows were produced. Now in past few years, the Entertainment Industry has shifted into game shows production as well. Game shows like Price is Right hosted by Mohib Mirza and late Moin Khan’s show Kya Aap Crorepati Banna Chahte hain on ARY was unable to gain popularity as much as the previous shows gatehered. On other side, the Indian Entertainment Industry was at a high standard that is why our gaming shows short-lived before.

Here, a question is what elements altogether make a game show successful? Well, charismatic hosts like Fahad Mustafa with interactive format with engaging segments along with a facility for viewers watching at home to participate in the gaming shows.  With good sponsors of the gaming show, there will be good gift items to attract viewers.

Over the years, the gaming shows have been the source of great enthusiasm since these shows spend a lot of money on releasing teasers on their channels to gain audience attention. With national and international level hosts like Fahad Mustafa who are heartthrob of the nation. The unique content, being on-aired, lives up to the expectations of the audience and viewers all across the country.   We hope that gaming shows of Pakistan always present marvelous performance through their programs and become a reason for interest by people of all ages.


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