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Scope of Advertisement in TV Dramas

scope-of-advertidsementAdvertisement breaks are a part of TV programs. Advertising in the middle of  a popular programs is imagined to be much beneficial.  The advertisement break is a way to promote products and services of a company. Advertising between a tv drama or a program is better since many people might not be interested in seeing your product advertisement.

When an advertisement is to run on any channel, the company choses a time slot for the advertisement along with frequency (number of times it will be broadcasted in the chosen time slot) via advertising agencies in Pakistan. For example, the budget of airing a commercial between at prime time (8-9 pm) is going to cost more than any other time slot of the day.  The overall idea of placing advertisement in between commercial breaks of any program is for the interest of the people who are currently watching it. The commercial breaks need to be time consuming and maintain the level of interest of the program as well.

Television viewers cannot be forced to watch advertisements, they in some cases change to other channel simply because they don’t like a commercials break that is running. Advertisers need to understand the reason for such behavior in order to find a lasting solution to it, since a lot of money is being spent to advertise on television.

On the other hand, too many breaks can impose an unnatural rhythm on drama scripts but they can also be a positive thing for drama, helping build tension, providing natural pauses for thought, and giving it ebbs and flows. The scope of advertisement in TV dramas works side by side in the favor of both channel and advertisement.  Taking an example of TUC biscuits by LU and Aquafina Water by PepsiCo, they advertised with their Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan’s commercial several times during their hit dramas of the actor including Zindagi Gulzar hai , Num,Ashk and Humsafar. Moreover, the hit actors of current time like Fawad Khan are signed for advertisements including Samsung Galaxy, Olpers, Clear by Unilever, Pepsi, Mobilink, Servis Shoes, Q Mobile,Tarang by Engro Foods, Fair & Lovely, LUX and Telenor.

Such Celebrity Endorsements in the advertisements during breaks makes the audience fuzzy with their fever!


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