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Difference between Television and billboard advertisements

television-copyThe debate about the effect of television and billboard advertisement is a long one! One cannot define one category as more influential mode of advertisement. Both ways are important part of the advertising industry. If radio and tv advertisements are the old strategies of marketing then web, illuminating signs and other such items are the new trendsetters.

The billboard advertising has been part of this industry since a very long time period. A brand cannot rely on the billboard advertisement solely for the marketing of the product or service. It was a popular medium but not anymore. The customer demands have changed and buying habits have evolved as well. Everyday a new technology hits the market, making the marketing industry more advanced. Innovation is not the same like yesterday. But on the other side, such mediums have not been encumbered. Despite being an old medium of tradition, the billboards occupy the spaces all across the city and attract a lot of attention from the people passing by. The corporate sector is spending a lot of money on the billboard advertisement. In any case what pulls in consideration is the size as well as other configuration components, for example, color, message, pictures and ordinarily even white space.

Each one of the modes of advertising has their own particular novel set of properties and difficulties and working on a solitary stage for all such mediums is purposeless. With a tough competition in the market, the customization in every advertisement and creativity is the basic need. An eccentric, keen and enrapturing visual is an essential need in every type of billboard immediately took after by a couple of words. Spectators, walkers and individuals driving aren’t going to have sufficient energy to stop and read. Thus, the message must be passed on at one look or lesser. Thusly, the test to make a keen message is a great deal more in billboard advertisement than promoting on other media like TV or web.

Television advertising is a more focused mode of advertising since it conveys a more illustrated message and the viewers are not versatile. On the other hand, the sheer number of channels today and the different times channels have increased. The achievement of a TV advertisement lies in its innovation and potential to rapidly get attention of the viewers.

Deciding the right promoting medium is a tricky decision to make. No matter which mode is used for the advertisement, the achievement lies in choice of people, ideas and delivery.


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