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Thriving Investment Avenues In Pakistan

Thriving Investment Avenues In Pakistan

Thriving Investment Avenues In Pakistan

Pakistan is undoubtedly a land that has been bestowed with many blessings from nature. From the agriculture sector to textile and technology, Pakistan has numerous flourishing investment opportunities. Amidst the current decline in the economy, there is a dire need for investors to come and invest in the biggest sectors of Pakistan. We have outlined the dominating sectors of Pakistan having a remarkable potential to put investments in that secure exemplary ROI rates.


The textile industry is the largest manufacturing industry in Pakistan and is considered to be the 8th largest exporter of cotton in Asia. There are approximately 500 textile industries operating in this country. The textile sector, being the largest one, contributes $8.5% to the country’s GDP. Moreover, it is the 4th largest producer as well as 3rd largest consumer of cotton around the globe. This giant industry comprises almost 40% of the labor force of the country making it rank 3rd in terms of yarn production in the world.

By collaborating in this sector, huge profit can be gained and the investment will bear fruit to a great extent.

Food Processing:

Pakistan is an agricultural country that produces more than 30 different varieties of fruits and 35 different varieties of vegetables. The food and beverage industry is considered to be the 2nd largest industry after textile contributing 27% of the value-added production. The food and beverage production industry have dynamics like frozen foods, value addition in major food crops, edible oils, and fats, beverages, agri-food processing as well as food, dairy, vegetable, and intermediate value-adding products.

There’s a huge potential in this sector as Pakistan is the 4th largest milk producer and 11th largest citrus producer in the world. The areas to invest in this sector are olive oil extraction units, value addition in fruits, dairy, frozen foods, potato powder, and flakes manufacturing units.

Housing And Construction:

The population of Pakistan has raised to 220 million people making it the 5th most populous country in the world. Out of the total population, 36.38% of people live in urban areas while 63.62% reside in the rural parts of the country. Real Estate and construction have emerged as one of the most successful business sectors in the country which contribute nearly 380 Billion PKR to the GDP, making it a great opportunity for investors to mark their names in this sector.

Information Technology:

Information technology is a growing sector in Pakistan but at a slow pace as compared to the fastly evolving global IT sector. This sector has a huge potential to expand in the coming future. Pakistan is experiencing the 4th largest digital industrial revolution at the moment. There are more than 2000 IT companies and call centers operating in Pakistan. Along with that, there are more than 300,000 English-speaking IT professionals having updated knowledge of the global IT sector and 13 software technology parks in this country.

With the growing rate of 20,000 IT graduates stepping into the market every year, there is a light of hope that Pakistan can stand as the biggest name in the IT sector very soon.

Other investment avenues in Pakistan are logistics, tourism and travel, and automobiles.

Author: Areej Waseem

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