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The World Cup Fever 2015 changes the advertising trend

world cup 2015

14 countries are going to compete against each other this February-March 2015 for the World Cup 2015.People from all across the world are going to watching every step of these 14 teams . Yes, for Pakistanis, World Cup is a big deal especially when you have a rivalry match coming up on 15 Feb against India.  Cricket world cup 2015 is a worldwide interest.

This year, the World Cup is gripping the advertising industry as well. With new technology in the market, cricket fans are going to engage in new ways. That is why this event is equivalent opportunity for the marketers as cup 2015 advertisment

This season, the savvy advertisers are going to serve up great cricket content for fans. The advertising campaigns are going to be linked with the World Cup theme.  The passionate audience is valuable for marketers. The cricket fans care about everything related to the global event. In short, you do not have to be in sports business to tap into the crazy audience of cricket.  As the event is approaching, all brands are finding better ways to connect with the audience. Such global moments are meant to be connected through every possible medium of media.

Apart from the marketing sponsors, other brands are also gearing up for the big event. From TV advertisements to the billboards and radio commercials and last but not the least, the social media is supporting the event with full enthusiasm. The advertising agencies in Pakistan is coming up with heavy lines inspired the World Cup Craze. Our environments have flooded with World Cup- bleed green theme.  From Fashion industry to the food companies, the excitement is unimaginably infectious with different advertising methods to celebrate nation’s love for the cricket.

We hope that Team Green brings World Cup home this year and we also win match against India ! This is going to be half victory ! Go Team Green!


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