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The Shortcomings of FM Channels in Pakistan

fm channels in pakistan

Why Radio needs attention?

Radio has been a major source in media of Pakistan. The role it has played when Television was not present is appraisable. As soon as black and white television came to Pakistan, the radio’s role went out of focus in 1964. It took many years for the people in villages and small town to become audience of Television. Their source of entertainment was radio and FM channels. Technology and latest satellite versions helped the radio to reach the audience. There was tremendous increase in the listeners of the radio overall.

The role of radio channels specifically FM Channels has been awareness and source of information. With better coverage at less cost, the FM channels beat other forms of media in this. In the past few years, there is no focus on the development of FM channels. The role of this important has been overlooked and needs utmost attention at the moment.

When talking about shortcomings of FM Channels, the major concern is content being on aired. The majority of content is Indian Content. Just like, we have revived our Drama Industry that was under influence of India years ago, we now restoration of our radio industry as well. There should be a proper check and balance on it. Our RJs want the audience to be patriotic for this country but the content they are airing is on the opposite side.

fm channels in pakistanCurrently there are 34 FM Channels working under Radio Pakistan. There are few channels that have coverage in specific cities of Pakistan at the same time while few have International Coverage as well. It is made sure that patterns of the shows attract the youth of Pakistan majorly and they can participate via calls in the shows and connect with their favorite RJ. Recently, few universities have also been awarded license for radio broadcast for their campus. One major hit station is FM101 that operates for almost 22 hours daily from different stations of Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Sialkot and Hyderabad.

With such vast network of transmission, it is important that shortcomings of FM Channels in Pakistan should be overcome. Take full advantage of this coverage and let radio show its power!


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