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The advent of private television channels in Pakistan

Privatization-of-channelsIn 2003, Pakistani Television Industry went through major revolution. Prime Minister of that time Zafarullah Khan Jamali’s government awarded broadcasting licenses to 66 radio and television broadcasting companies.  With such sudden change in industry, a striking tough competition inside the industry started. The state’s monopoly broke down in the broadcasting field that thrilled Pakistani audience. Before the advent of Private Television Channels, the Pakistani audience had limited in entertainment side and less channels telling news about domestic and international issues. Until 1999 when General Pervaiz Musharraf liberalized the media by giving it a free hand that started showing development in 2002 when an elected government took place.

A decade has passed ever since the privatization of TV channels in Pakistan, the cable TV network has emerged as a significant medium engaging audience with current affairs debates and cross media fertilization and setting agendas at a broader perspective.

Taking an example of Geo TV, broadcasting under the banner of Jang Group who is considered an important name in newspaper industry of both English and Urdu, it broadcasts with high profile anchors, newsmakers and news breakers.

With more than 100 channels rolling in the television, our leisure times have become linked to news bulletins, current affair shows, talk shows and entertainment shows including dramas. More channels led to more advertising budgets and in 2010, it touched the budget of 5.6 billion. Despite the shrinking economy of Pakistan, our media industry shows no such sign. Private investors are applying for licenses to PEMRA. With lack of advertisements on private channels, many private channels closed.

The privatized channels in Pakistan are catering all segments of audience like women through dramas, men through talk’s shows through news channels and sports channels and youth through music channels.  By the end of the day, the private televisions are entertaining audiences and informing them about latest happenings every minute.

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