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Media Reach In Different Countries


    • TV Reach is 96% – still the highest reaching medium across all nationalities in UAE
    • News Channel, Al Jazeera is the highest reaching channel, MBC2 & MBC1 also popular channels
    • MBC 1 is the leading channel among females with 19% reach while Al Jazeera is most popular amongst males with 16% reach
    • Asian channels are the highest reaching channels among Non Arab expats pop.


    • High reach medium in the UAE with 82% reach
    • 76% of radio listeners, listen while in their cars while 26% listen at their homes
    • Hum FM, City FM & Radio 4 are the top stations
    • Very high listenership during morning and evening drive time
    • Abu Dhabi Holy Quran leading station among Arabs


    • At 76% internet penetration is on a level with more developed nations such as the US and UK
    • The youth (15-34 yrs) consume the most internet
    • Basically all internet users are accessing it daily and from home; approx ¼ are accessing it from work Email, sourcing info and IM are the most
    • popular activities online
    • Large name sites (Google, facebook, youtube etc) are most popular before news sites 86% of internet users are accessing the social media sites


    • With 72% Reach, still the 3rd highest reaching medium in the UAE, after TV and Radio
    • Gulf News and Al Khaleej are the top dailies with 30% and 20% reach
    • Al Khaleej is the leading daily for Arabs, while Gulf News is the preferred choice of Non Arab Expats.


    • Weeklies reach at 66% Readership of weeklies much higher among Nationals and Non-Arab Expats
    • Friday (25%) and Zahrat Al Khaleej (14%) remain the top weeklies
    • Zahrat Al Khaleej top weekly for Arabs, Friday magazine leading weekly for Non Arab Expats
    • Females preferred weekly is Zahrat Al Khaleej


    • Monthlies readership is low & fragmented, highlighting fragmentation of niche categories
    • Layalina is the top monthly with only 5% readership, catering to Arabs
    • Among the top 10 monthlies are Alam Assayarat, Hia & Lifestyle


  • Cinema reach at 40%
  • Non Arab Expats cinema reach is higher than average at 50%
  • Frequented the most on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Thursdays frequented more by Arabs and Fridays by Non Arab Expats.
  • American movies popular across all nationalities, with Non Arab Expats also going for Indian movies

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