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Popular current affairs programs of Pakistan

Current Affairs Shows are broadcasted in prime time on every news channels. Apart from the prime time, there are other time slots for the current affair shows. Popular shows include Capital Talk, Live with Dr. Shahid Masood, On the Front,News Eye, Jirga, Apas ki baat Najam Sethi kay saath, Faisla Awam ka, Insight, Kal Tak, Sawal Hai Pakistan ka, Mazrat kay saath, Tonight with Jasmin, News Beat, Pakistan Aaj Raat, Islamabad say, Khabar ye hai, Nuqta e Nazar, Pakistan at 7 ,Nadeem Malik Live and Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada kay saath.

Current Affair Program is most imperative arrangement of private TV stations. There are multi-dimensional functions of Current Affair Programs in Pakistani society: to educate, to instruct and to figure popular sentiment. Current Affair Programs have incredible effect ontalk shows of pakistan governmental issues, social qualities, ways of life of individuals, relationship of masses and remote strategy. Media scope is life blood of governmental issues in light of the fact that it shapes the discernment that structures the truth on which political activity is based. One high rated current affair program is Capital Talk on Geo TV. It is hosted by Hamid Mir and discusses both sides of the story by inviting guests who are instructed, learned people or who have correct data, encounter about issue whatever is being examined on the show. Now and again, a solitary visitor examines their work, aptitude, belief system and involvement with a host or hosts. Other current affairs shows also have call-in show. It takes live telephone calls from guests listening at home or offices. Current Affair Programs have been standard peculiarities of Pakistani private T.V, after its initiation. Current Affair Programs including provincial dialects, delivered by each of the T.V channel. The topics of local dialect programs mostly resolve around nearby and common matters of political and social current issues. Current Affair Programs are fundamental wellspring of TV. It is assuming a principle part in making mindfulness in the general public and illuminates the political, monetary, social, and wellbeing issues of the nation

Media has gotten to be all the more capable and its imperativeness is becoming in current social orders. Media have force to impact truth, particularly Current Affair Programs have extraordinary force to define, shape or reshape popular sentiment.


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