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Political Talk Shows Are they making or Breaking the Country



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The Pakistani Television was a restricted medium since the regime of General Pervaiz Musharaf. In his regime, the television industry boomed and enjoyed freedom of speech. Many news channels got their license during this time including Geo News and ARY as well. In the last two years of his tenure, thme edia went under certain restriction and soon, the protests from civil society and political parties joined hands for this matter.

Currently there are 22 news channels working under PEMRA. Apart from news, news channels are known for their current affair shows as well. These shows are responsible for a channel’s TRP. The ever changing political scenario of Pakistan has led to vast variety of political talk shows. For a nation like us, the talk shows are a source of entertainment. We are not only informed about the current situation of Pakistan but also views from the analysts. Every day with a new topic is discussed in talk shows and the anchors become a voice of their audience. Few talk shows are also providing call-in facilities where audience from home takes part.

The overall situation of Pakistan is spiced by few talk shows. They increase negativity in the minds of people about their future and theirpakistani talk shows country.  No doubt, these political talk shows can be held responsible for breaking the country as one of many factors. Many people think that it’s a huge conspiracy that anti government agents and organizations or even political parties give money to a specific anchor or show or even channel to talk against the state.In a country like Pakistan where the media has become a powerful source, if all these people work together in the betterment of this country, it will be very helpful. Being powerful in this industry does not mean that you do not have responsibility on your shoulder. You are responsible for disseminating a positive message amongst masses. Power must be used fairly if one has the choice to become nation’s voice. Rather than imposing your view on audience, it is important to create awareness about the issue. Talk shows should not spice up the information and let the common man decide on issues related to Pakistan.


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