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Most Viewed TV Entertainment Channels in Pakistan

Most Viewed TV Entertainment Channels in Pakistan

Entertainment Channels in Pakistan

The entertainment industry of Pakistan, mainly dramas, has been winning the hearts of viewers across the globe. Earlier, there used to be only one entertainment channel in Pakistan which was PTV Home. PTV is a state-run channel that produced quality dramas over the decades before the birth of private TV channels. However, with the rise of channels in the private sector in post-2000, many entertainment channels emerged and have been ruling the entertainment industry of Pakistan ever since.

The content of these channels includes powerful dramas with mind-blowing scripts and performances, engaging morning shows, telefilms, and other Award ceremonies.

To date, approximately 124 TV channels are operating in Pakistan including diverse news channels, entertainment channels, food channels, religious channels, general as well as regional music and educational channels.

The channels which produce the most entertaining and engaging dramas and are viewed by a great majority are as follows;

GEO Entertainment:

 Among the private channels, Geo is considered to be one of the trending entertainment channels in Pakistan. Launched in 2002, Geo is owned by the renowned Jang Media Group and has a wide range of channels under its umbrella. Geo News has not only dominated the rating charts with its wonderful dramas on television but is also winning the social platforms like youtube with millions of views on each episode.

Current trending dramas of Geo Entertainment are Inaam-e-Muhabbat and Chauraha.

HUM Entertainment:

Owned by the famous media mogul Sultana Siddique, Hum has become the number one entertainment channel in Pakistan now. With its unique storylines, captivating scripts, powerful acting, and roaring visuals, Hum has elevated the image of the Pakistani Drama industry to a great extent. The top dramas aired on Hum TV include Parizaad, Yaqeen ka Safar, Sadqay Tumhare, Man Mayyal, Raqse Bismil, Alif Allah Aur Insaan, and many more.

Current trending dramas of Hum are Sang-e-mah and Badshah Begum.

ARY Digital:

ARY stands top among the most viewed entertainment channels of Pakistan. Other than producing quality dramas, its game show named “Jeeto Pakistan” hosted by Fahad Mustafa is a big reason for making ARY peoples’ favorite over the years. Moreover, it has produced Pakistan’s most popular and viewed comedy-drama “Bulbulay” which has gained international recognition. The current trending dramas airing on ARY digital includes Mere Humsafar, Fraud, Habs, Kesi Teri Khudgarzi, and many more.

PTV Home:

Despite the robust growth of private channels, state-run PTV is still considered to be one of the strongest TV channels in Pakistan. This channel plays nationwide even in those rural areas where cable has not reached so far. The advertisement placed on PTV has a wider reach to almost every corner of the country. PTV regained its strength when it started broadcasting Turkish-based series “Ertugrul” in Urdu dubbing. This showed a miraculous increase in the numbers and helped PTV hook 133-138 million people to it.

These entertainment channels are advertisers’ first choice because they have massive reach and popularity. The viewership of these channels is constantly increasing day by day. Indeed, they are the best TV entertainment channels in Pakistan to advertise on.

Author: Areej Waseem

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