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5 Types of Marketing Brands Can Take Advantage Of

Marketing Brands

Marketing Brands

Marketing is a field that is rapidly evolving. With the advancement in technology and marketing research, many new opportunities are being produced for businesses to grow and reach out to their desired audiences. Marketing, in its basic terms, is an effort to create awareness about a brand, acquire customers, and experience growth. It is a quantifiable strategy especially implemented to grow a business by attracting audiences with a long-term objective in mind.

More or less, we all are aware of the nuts and bolts of marketing. As a brand or as a customer, each one of us is exposed to several marketing tactics throughout our day. Precisely, marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses all the strategies a brand uses to fulfill its objectives.

Types Of Marketing

Let’s have a look at the five types of Marketing a brand needs to understand and can invest in to achieve its goals.

  • Traditional Marketing:

Traditional marketing is the most common type of marketing brands use to promote themselves and attract audiences. Traditional marketing is a broad perspective that includes Billboards, brochures, posters, flyers, etc. Even electronic mediums like Television and Radio Commercials also come under the parameters of traditional marketing.

  • Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is the opposite of traditional marketing and it involves all the online efforts a brand does for promotion and sales generation. With the rise of the internet and social media, digital marketing has overshadowed its traditional counterpart and has become the most effective way of brand building and marketing. It includes social media, websites, emails, search engines, in short, all digital channels.

Digital marketing is the future and there’s no doubt about it!

  • Inbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing refers to the tailored approach of a brand towards its target customers by creating valuable and user-generated content. In inbound marketing, a strategy is designed in such a way that automatically draws visitors and potential customers toward a brand through clever tactics. Some examples of inbound marketing are blogs, opt-in emails, native recommendations, etc.

  • Outbound Marketing:

In contrast to inbound marketing, outbound marketing means any kind of marketing where a brand puts its message in front of the audience generally. Otherwise known as interruptive marketing, it is a technique that brands use to mainly seek out their potential buyers by continuously hitting them with efforts like TV commercials, radio ads, billboards, brochures, and print ads.

One of the biggest advantages of outbound marketing is that it reaches wider audiences. It’s a great way to initiate a conversation with the audience and hereby create awareness among them.

  • Buzz Marketing:

Buzz marketing refers to viral marketing techniques where businesses try to create a buzz about their newly launched products or services through word of mouth. It’s all about creating hype. It involves creating viral, unique, catchy, and memorable content alongside organizing interactive events for promotions. Buzz marketing strategies can be implemented on both online and offline platforms with the help of influencers and celebrities.

If you run a business then you ought to look out for all the marketing types and select the best strategy as per the nature of your business. Marketing is both science and art and if done perfectly, it can take a business up to the skies in no time!

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