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Lifestyles of urban youth in Pakistani Society

Lifestyles32% of Pakistani Society comprises of youth. Looking at that lifestyle of youth, the specific aspects that matter in changing lifestyles of urban youth here in Pakistan include advertisements, café culture and fashion design. The changing lifestyles cannot be confined to the elite class only. The effects of the factors show on all sectors of youth across the country.

With the increase in popularity related to fashion shows including Bridal Couture weeks going on along with new fashion designers emerging every month and trendy clothes hitting our wardrobes. In the past few years, the fashion industry is accelerating at a high speed and youth seems to be the guiding force behind. With degrees in fashion designing and other related fields, the innovative ideas are gaining platforms the project the lifestyles of urban youth in Pakistan.  Taking an example of modern city like Lahore where you can easily find international and local brands outlets in prominent shopping areas. This tells that fashion products and apparel industry are under the process of dynamism and diversity.

In Pakistani society, the most flourishing fashion apparel is lawn industry in Pakistan. In summers, every road is sprung with billboards of lawn designers all across the country. From Pret collection to other branded lawn collections target elite and upper middle class of the Pakistani society.

The change is visible in the urban areas of Pakistan especially in terms of cultural and social change.  It is re-shaping the lifestyles of the Pakistani Society.  Especially in terms of women empowerment, the phase of housewives getting bored all day long with nothing to do has changed. Now women have stepped into fields of fashion through clothes and jewelry designing. Our attitudes towards women have changed and we have grown to be a better society at large with wider acceptance to change in society.

In short, the growth in local and international media, fashion industry and number of fashion events held all around the year has created a major influence in lifestyles of urban youth in Pakistani Society at large.

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