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Is Pakistani Media presenting a true Reflection of our Society?

pakistan media and its role in society

Defined role of media for the society betterment

In a society like Pakistan where there is a variety of media working inside including print, electronic and social media that is still at a very initial stage. Electronic Media has a vast target audience because the person listening to the radio or watching TV does not have to be a literate person. The print media on the other hand needs the audience to be literate enough to read the newspaper and magazine text. Since the literacy rate is not high in Pakistan, the Pakistan Media especially Electronic Media can be titled as a true reflection of our society. Electronic media has its impact on society-changing value system in Pakistan as well.pakistan media and its role in society

In the past few years when Pakistani Media has its restriction, the impact was not visible enough. But today, Electronic Media has freedom that has powerful affect on the audience. With the power to shape up the opinions and lifestyles of the masses, the media has become a mirror image of our culture and social norms. What makes a society? Well, beliefs, civilization institutions and aesthetics all together make up a society. Media being an influential factor in our society, the affect is suspected. In short, media is an influential body in society.

The effect of Media in society brings out better things overall. For example, the easy flow of information and education are not possible without media’s influential factor. The media has played an important role in social developments in Pakistan like racism, gender bias, poverty and awareness on peace.

Apart from this, one cannot deny that media is a reflection of our society. But the role of media is a lot more than this. It has to put limelight on certain issues that need attention and sensationalize and exaggerate accordingly. With the tremendous growth in the media, Pakistani Media is now a fourth pillar of the state. It is an agent to change but in which direction the change will come this varies.


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