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Is Digital Marketing Taking Over Traditional Marketing in Pakistan?

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing 

As we are breathing in the era of technology, digital advertising has taken the place of traditional advertising to a great extent. This mode of advertising is now considered to be the most innovative and effective way to gain customers on a mass level. International organisations and brands have shifted towards digital advertising as well. In Pakistan, digital marketing is also dominating conventional marketing efforts and a considerable shift has been observed in recent years.

The advancement of technology has brought a massive change in every sphere of life. The world has gone digital. With this shift, the advertising industry has introduced new variations to get the attention of potential customers effectively. From tvcs, radio ads, print ads, and billboards, we are now living in the world of social media, PPC, and search engine marketing. Traditional media, which used to be the only way of advertising some decades before, has experienced a massive revolution. With the advent of the internet, the rise of digital media has made e-marketing dominant over traditional advertising.

Around 80% of the population is using the internet now. If businesses are not taking benefit from it then they are surely missing a great majority to target.

Now, brands tend to prefer this medium of communication more for promotions. From raising brand awareness to generating sales, digital mediums can be used to fulfils the goals more effectively because the traffic on digital platforms is enormous. Different social interaction platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn have become the most powerful source for creating brand awareness, doing promotions, and interacting with the target audiences alike.


As compared to traditional advertising, digital advertising is reputed to be a more direct, effective, measurable, and cost-effective face of advertising. On digital platforms, the actions are quick and easily monitored. Traditional advertising, on the other hand, does not offer scalability and monitoring opportunities to brands and marketers. Furthermore, digital marketing is not only just budget-friendly but easier to strictly target audiences. Despite that, traditional marketing is considered to be more effective in reaching a wider audience.

Businesses in Pakistan are now focusing on digital marketing greater than before. However, this does not mean that they have ignored traditional mediums to advertise their products and services. Even in this digital era, advertising on electronic media like TV channels is still crucial and effective as a great majority of people watch them.

This hints that businesses ought to embrace digital marketing in Pakistan while not skipping traditional marketing approaches. Brands and companies have realised the significance of digital marketing and are now touching the skies by making the most use of it. The scope and future of digital marketing are increasing day by day. This clearly shows that digital marketing is going to overtake the traditional marketing industry to a great extent if not fully. Traditional advertising will always have its place and can never be fully eradicated.

For successful marketing, traditional and digital marketing go hand-in-hand. Therefore, brands and companies should invest in both mediums as per their budget and marketing goals for an incredible rise in their awareness and sales.

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