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Instagram Reels; How They Can Help A Brand Grow?

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

Marketers are always on the hunt to find and implement the latest strategies to promote a business. During the covid 19 period, a boom was observed in the digital marketing industry where businesses used digital platforms to connect with their audiences as there were restrictions for the outlets or businesses to function. During this period, many new marketing features took birth on multiple social networking platforms and Instagram Reels is a popular one among them.

About Instagram Reels:

 Introduced in 2019, Instagram reels is a short form of vertical videos of 15-60 second duration. Like Tiktok Videos, Instagram reels are short, scrollable videos and have a separate section on the instagram app. One can easily select the duration, shoot a video, add custom music to it, add clips together and apply effects and filters as well.

It is a great opportunity for businesses or creators to make short, crisp, quirky, creative, and attention-grabbing videos. People, of today’s generation, are not a big fan of lengthy content. They just want limited yet appealing content in front of their eyes. And, Instagram Reels, can help you serve the purpose.

Multinational Brands Are Using Instagram Reels Too!

 As it’s a very effective marketing tool, many popular brands are using them to connect with their audiences. Brands like Apple, Sephora, Louis Vuitton, and Oliver Wong have used Instagram reels to run their campaigns.

These brands are making educational, creative, comparison videos about their products and showcasing their brand by using Instagram reels.

Do You Know That Reels Get 22% More Engagement Than Traditional Videos?

Strategies to Use Instagram Reels As a Marketing Tool:

 Brands can amp up their marketing game by creating unique, user-generated, creative content that people are going to like more as compared to the general content already getting published on your platforms.

Be unique, Be Different. As Instagram Reels allow limited content creation, you can use it to make quick content by following some of these strategies.

Educate Your Audience About Your Product:

 Instagram reels are the best way to create user-generated content to inform the audiences about your brand or its products. Tell your brand stories, make informative content like how to use, show product demonstrations, and share the benefits of using your products or services in form of short videos.

 Do Behind-The-Screens:

People love to know what happens behind the screen. Brands can use Instagram reels to show the screen happening of their product creation, shooting, whole team, etc. Such videos can increase the engagement rate as people are highly interested in knowing what cooks inside the business.

Create Creative And Fun Videos:

Creativity drives attention. Showcase your brand and build its identity by making appealing videos with your products. Craft a remarkable story about every product of your brand and tell people how their product can make a difference in their lives. You can also use IG reels to do product reveals, contests, and quizzes to generate more engagement.

Partner with Creators and Let Them Be Themselves:

IG influencers are a great source to build your brand image in front of your audience. However, each influencer or creator has its unique style statement for which their audiences follow them blindly. Do not restrict the creators to stand upon your expectations. Let them be free. Creators can use their ways to promote their brand and aware their audience of your products.

Brands can leverage their marketing strategy by highlighting their unique selling point on Instagram reels. Show them what makes you different and then notice an astounding rise in engagement

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