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The Rise And Rise Of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become a thriving force in the world of digital marketing to create brand awareness and boost sales. Influencers are individuals found on different social media platforms with a large number of loyal followers who count on their recommendations. With the rapid increase in social media usage, the birth of millions of digital creators has helped brands succeed in almost every industry.

Influencers, of every niche, have the ultimate potential to change the hearts, minds, or buying behaviors of their followers. This power has led businesses to take benefit from influencers to promote their products.

The Power To Influence:

Unlike celebrities, influencers tend to have a direct connection with their followers. They consider themselves a family and henceforth act like one! They share every bit of their lives with the audiences and become an integral part of their lives. Influencers do not promote a product or service just for the sake of advertising. Rather they typically have a little knowledge, if not much, or experience after using the product or service. In this way, influencers tend to be accountable in front of their followers if the advertised product fails to satisfy them.

This market is huge as 49% of the consumers rely on the influencers’ recommendations before buying a product.

The importance of influencer marketing can be shown by the fact that 93% of the marketers used influencer marketing strategies in 2020. However, as per a recent survey conducted in 2022, 76% of the brands have planned to increase their budget for influencer marketing amid its fastest-growing popularity.

Types of Influencers:

There are three types of influencers according to their popularity, following, and reach.

  • Micro-Influencer: From 0 to 50,000 Followers
  • Mid-Range Influencer: From 50,000 to 500,000 Followers.
  • Macro-Influencer: From 500,000 to Millions of Followers.

All of these influencers have their followers and unique style of connecting with them. You can choose your desired influencer as per your budget or marketing goals.

The Right Platform:

Although influencers are present on various social media platforms, Instagram is considered to be the most powerful and right platform to do influencer marketing as half a million community of influencers are on Instagram. With over 1.38 billion users, Instagram is the home of millions of influencers promoting brands and increasing their overall performances. After Instagram, platforms like Tiktok and Youtube are also reputed to do various successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Key Strength Of Influencer Marketing:

The element of unbreakable trust-building between a brand and its audience makes this type of marketing stand out among others. Other benefits include;

  1. Influencer marketing builds trust quicker than any other marketing campaign.
  2. It enables brands to get connected to their audiences directly.
  3. It improves the brand’s awareness in no time.
  4. It saves your time as well as your money. Even with a little budget, you can collaborate with micro-influencers who are considered to be the most powerful among all.
  5. It helps generate new customers and retain the existing ones.
  6. Influencer marketing helps the brands gain credibility in the eyes of their Target Audience.
  7. It drives traffic and boosts sales.

The future of influencer marketing is ripe with opportunities in this social media verse. If you have not invested in influencer marketing yet, it’s high time you should consider it because the benefits it has, are hard to miss!

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