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Impacts of Modernism in Pakistani Dramas

modernism in pakistani dramas 2Modernism has not touched West only, its impacts are visible in East as well. Anything new in our society and lives is considered modern.  Our old culture is replaced with modernism and same happens with customs and the overall beliefs of the society. Modernism has touched every industry just like technology.

Media has also modernized in its own way. From depending exclusively on Print Media and now 24/7 dependence on Electronic Media is a form of modernism

.Media is considered as the most important element in spreading current aspects and traditions among the individuals all over the World. In Pakistan, media is exceptionally critical so as to advance Modernization by creating Western depiction of society and the characters.

In Pakistan Drama is an imperative zone in the field of media. Pakistani dramatizations are going to be prominent among youth; you can say it’s a reflection of Pakistan in today’s date. People talk about dramas in their daily conversations at offices, school or college everybody seems to be interested in the Pakistani dramas. Ever since the privatization of tv channels, the concept of dramas have changed in Pakistan. From using modern techniques in production and direction of dramas, modernism has touched our actors through clothes, acting and language. Modernism has made our dramas popular amongst us.

modernism in pakistani dramas 2The majority of Pakistani dramas are about feminism. They are portrayed as liberal human beings who are not oppresses and submissive. But on the other side, the content portrayed in our Pakistani dramas is not related to religion. There is a loss of religious values in our dramas that is an important point to consider for the youth of Pakistan.

The major drama channels include Urdu 1, ARY, Hum TV, Geo Entertainment . All these are true example of modernism that are influenced by Western Culture and try to compete with the neighboring drama industry. In the aim to win this race, we are losing our cultural, religious and social responsibility by showing modern content on air. Glamour, on screen romance and modern topics shown in the drama content are a true example of modernism. Also western dresses and physical contact with the opposite gender actors have tried to modernize our society and can be considered as an initial step.


PicZahra is a passion fueled writer with a degree in Media and a DIY lover and book lover as well .Loud and opinionated traits are aspired by her passion for reading and writing with a belief that every word counts.

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