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High rated live music shows in Pakistan

Music Industry booms with live shows

Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry has been booming since many years. With years of engaging broadcasts including dramas and other shows, music shows are an important part of high TRP of the channels and shows.

As our entertainment industry flourished, our music industry joined the success path as well. With shows like Nescafe Basement and Cokelive music shows of pakistan Studio, our music was redirected to new theme –different to what we have been doing since many years. A better exposure to music and singers getting better platform to exhibit their talent became prominent. Moreover, many live music shows were broadcasted through which young talent got the chance. It was the first time for young talent to come on a reality show platform and get recognition.

Recently, there were two music shows that touched high TRPs and praise from the audience as well. First, Cornetto Music Icons was aired on ARY Digital and PTV. The show was collaboration with Cornetto- an ice-cream by Walls Company. The show consisted of total 10 epsidoes where new talent was given a chance to show their singing talents.

As judges, Meesha Shafi, Strings, Zoey Viccaji and Alamgir played their roles. Moreover, the contestants were trained with the mentor figures of Pakistani Music Industry Salman Ahmed, Aamir Zaki, Shallum, Faisal Baig and Omran Shafique. The show was hosted by Ahmed Ali Butt and Cybil Chaudry that lit up the show Cornetto Music Icons.

Pepsi Smash was another hit music show with some of Pakistan’s top musical performers like Strings, Noori, Sajid and Zeeshan, and in addition SYMT, Siege, Jarar Malik, Ali Asad and Hussain Ali Shah.Few musical artists are playing fundamental part in structuring Pakistan’s music industry through such shows to elevate their flexibility to new styles and give the crowd a reviving change in music.

live music shows in pakistan Pepsi Smash gives a totally diverse style of music and demonstrates an alternate musical side of the craftsmen. This show is gone for those people who acknowledge change and search for new encounters.

For a considerable length of time we have been accustomed to seeing our most loved rock stars make their mark style of music; however Pepsi Smash endeavors to change that by joining a more Western style of electronic music to Pakistani pop/shake sound. The show goes for depicting to the gathering of people how flexible Pakistani artists can be.

Music has taken an important part in our lives. With pirated and torrent links, the music industry find it hard to generate revenue for its survival. That is why, it takes up a place through music shows put on aired on several channels.


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