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Freedom of Expression in Pakistani Media

Freedom of expression has its own advantages and disadvantages in Pakistani Media. No doubt, the advantages are a lot more than the disadvantages .Imagine a free Media in Pakistan disseminating correct news all across the country to its citizens without any sort of barriers from ruling powers of the country.  Before the privatization of TV channels, media was under the severe regulations and censorship but in 2000, such bans were lifted that created a space for Freedom of Expression in Pakistan.  With the tag of “Free Media”, better things helped Pakistan including awareness amongst Pakistani audience, developing public opinion, educating people and yes, a powerful support to democracy in Pakistan.  On the other hand, we can blame “Free Media” about disseminating wrong information, supporting few agendas and prioritizing commercialism. In order to reach higher ranking in charts, the channels experiment “fastest breaking news” and other such ideas.

Looking at all around the clock available News Channels like Geo and Samaa , Media can be held responsible for isolating the audience from their relationship. However, our 24/7media plays the role of watchdog over the government’s activity but lacks the responsibility in terms of National Development Approach.

Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the freedom of expression and opinion to everyone but on the other side, Pakistani Media is facing censorship through several state roles. The previous governments, both military dictatorship and democratic governments arrested journalists , confiscated newspapers to control the media.  By 2002, Media started enjoying Freedom of expression in Pakistani Media and state’s television’s monopoly was broken by this development. Licenses to FM Radio Channels and TV channels were issued to private media groups that minimized the censorship and regulations prevailing on Media.

Moreover, free media gives an opportunity to create public opinion amongst masses. Since free media comes through Internet, TV, Radio Channels and Newspapers if the content is driven in right direction. The media can be held responsible for building a nation over all.


PicZahra is a passion fueled writer with a degree in Media and a DIY lover and book lover as well .Loud and opinionated traits are aspired by her passion for reading and writing with a belief that every word counts.

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