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OOH Media- The Right Channel For Brand Advertising

OOH Media

Advertising is the strongest way to spread a brand’s message to its customers and create awareness. From increasing consumer reach to driving sales, there is a whole world of advertisement into which you can dive in. Traditional or OOH (Out of Home) advertising has been a constant practice for communicating with the audience over the decades.

With the advent of technology and digital space, a shift has been observed in the world of advertisement. The industry has revolutionized and gone digital, but the demand for out-of-home advertising has never been reduced. Rather, traditional advertising is getting blended with advanced technology. This convergence has given birth to many innovative and advanced advertising practices in the OOH industry. This is a fact that digital advertising plays a huge role in targeting the audience, but in building brand image and awareness, Out of Home advertising still rules.

Out Of Home Advertising:

OOH, advertising refers to any form of advertisement a consumer gets exposed to outside his home. The moment we step outside our homes, we see a lot of ads in the form of billboards, posters, streamers, and many others – that we cannot ignore. According to the Out-Of-Home Advertising Association of America,

An average customer spends 70% of his time outside his home.

This type of advertising enables brands to reach their potential customers without worrying about their media consumption. No matter how less a person consumes media (digital or electronic), he will be exposed to any form of OOH advertising numerous times throughout the day. Out-of-Home advertisement reaches the place where any media cannot. So, it is a great channel and a remarkable opportunity for brands to get advertised and recognized.

Out-of-Home advertising includes street furniture, billboards, Transit Advertising (buses, taxis, subways, airports), Retail advertising, and many more.

If you are a brand thriving to create awareness and build an image, then OOH advertising can help you achieve your goals. As

Out-of-Home Advertising provides a higher reach than other major media.

OOH, advertising gives you a “Blank Canvas” to showcase your creative skills and grab people’s attention from your content wherever they work. An impeccable and catchy poster or billboard can make people stop and have a look at it. So, it depends on your creative and designing skills to stand out and break through the clutter.

Benefits of OOH Advertising:

Out-of-Home advertising contains a plethora of advantages under its umbrella.

Brand Building:

Out-of-Home advertising is an effective way to build your brand’s image. Channels like billboards, posters, streamers, and street furniture are great ways to tell your audience that you exist.

Reach Wider Audience:

When it comes to reaching a wide range of audiences, no other media can come close to OOH advertising.

Significant Impact On Consumers:

Out-of-Home advertising amazes the viewers due to its size and contrast with the real-world environment. You can have a great impact on your customers through this type of advertising and can stay at top of their minds for a long.

Huge Potential for Creativity:

Through OOH advertising, brands having visually appealing products have a higher opportunity to impress the consumers and showcase their creativity by producing out of the box designs and campaigns.

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