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Celebrity Endorsement Vs Influencer Marketing? Which One is More Beneficial?

Celebrity Endorsement Vs Influencer Marketing

Celebrity Endorsement Vs Influencer Marketing

Celebrity endorsement has been considered the most influential marketing tool over the decades. It has nurtured the growth of brands by associating their products and services with the fame of a certain celebrity. Undoubtedly, celebrities were considered to be the most persuasive people of the past, and people used to buy the products or services related to their favorite celebrity. However, with the advent of technology and social media, content creators and influencers have turned the tables and brought a new perspective to this face of marketing.

The Difference:

Celebrities endorse a product and manipulate the buying behaviors and minds of a wide range of audiences. However, in influencer marketing, content creators are niche-specific and have limited audiences with whom they can interact and connect easily.

Celebrities advocate a product or service they don’t have any knowledge about. In contrast to that, influencer marketing allows you to choose a relevant influencer who can use the product and place their opinion or experience in front of the audience. For instance, there are several lifestyles, fashion, food, and travel influencers available on various social media platforms who have the power to influence their audiences to a great extent.

Celebrities do not have any direct relationship with their audiences and can only be seen on big screens. However, influencers are directly connected to their audiences and have the potential to make their buying decision through word-of-mouth marketing.

Influencer marketing has become the most outstanding tool for creating a brand’s awareness or promotion. Amid its fastly increasing importance, 93% of the marketers have used influencer marketing as part of their marketing strategy.

Which One is Best?

 Celebrities have a mass appeal and are known to a wider range of audiences. For mass-level marketing efforts like TV commercials, billboards, and posters, celebrity endorsement tends to be more powerful and results-driven.

In comparison to that, influencers are found just on social networking sites. People who use social media are usually aware of them while the rest aren’t. In this digital world, digital advertising is considered to be more powerful and significant as compared to the traditional one.

Choosing the right influencer allows the brand to be directly connected with its audiences. The chances of reliability and trust-building are higher in influencer marketing whereas celebrity endorsement has the benefit of getting more reach and impact.

Celebrities; One-Way Communication

Celebrities promote a brand by just appearing on Tv commercials and big screens. It’s a one-way of communication where they do not get the feedback of their audiences. They just work as the face of the brand and play no part in influencing the audiences to take interest in a product or service. Most of the time, celebrities do not even use the product they are promoting at the same time.

Another important point is that celebrities are excessively expensive and they demand a huge amount to become ambassadors of a certain brand.

Influencers; Content Creation and More Connectivity

Influencers interact with their audiences often, if not daily. They don’t unnecessarily promote a product they don’t have confidence in. Every influencer has his unique way of connecting with their followers and people follow them because of their creativity. Influencers do not only work as the beauty of the brand but they also make efforts to be the brains behind its marketing strategy.

Since both of them are effective tools for marketing but the implementation of both strategies is quite different. Celebrity endorsement is best for building a brand’s image and creating awareness among a wider audience. However, influencer marketing helps to build an unbreakable relationship between a brand and its customers.

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