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Print Media

Over the years advertise in Pakistan expanded to satisfy the needs of our clients about media industry. We’ve provide services regarding news paper and magazine with a team that handle your online advertisement.


Electronic Media

This skill is what makes us remarkable and giving over excellent work .Whatever the challenge , you want to air a spot during a drama or during prime time .Get in touch with the advertise in Pakistan today. We will serve you best services. Our dedication to our client makes us the elevate ad agency.

Media Reach In Different Countries


  • TV Reach is 96% – still the highest reaching medium across all nationalities in UAE
  • News Channel, Al Jazeera is the highest reaching channel, MBC2 & MBC1 also popular channels
  • MBC 1 is the leading channel among females with 19% reach while Al Jazeera is most popular amongst males with 16% reach
  • Asian channels are the highest reaching channels among Non Arab expats pop.

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Advertise Globally

Time and Space Media (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the top media buying houses of Pakistan. We have our offices in South Asia, Middle East and Europe. Time and Space give you a unique opportunity to expose your brand globally to earn a global image. With our excellent global relationships we have a distinction in buying media and building brands in the international markets to explore new horizons of sales. We give you a complete brand building strategy with all parameters of success. We build brands according to the market situations and the need.